Need help Sandy? NY Mets Life knows what to do at the trade deadline

The trade deadline is just hours away and it is still unknown what the Mets are going to do. They have several options this year. They currently trail the division leading Washington Nationals by 7.5 games and are 6 games out of a wild card spot. Sandy Alderson recently said that the most likely situation is that the Mets will stand pat and hope they can make a run at the playoffs with the team they currently have. Another option is what Mets fans have been used to the last couple of years, which is being sellers. Alderson has proved he is good at getting young talent at the deadline when they seem to be out of the playoff race. The third option (for the optimistic Mets fans out there), is to be buyers. The Mets have a surplus of young talent and could look to upgrade the shortstop and left field position.

Photo: NY Mets

Photo: NY Mets

We asked our writers what they would do if they were the General Manager of the Mets.

Craig – If I were General Manager of the Mets I would not make any trades. I know this isn’t what Mets fans want to hear, but here’s why I think thats the smartest option. With the addition of the second wild card, more teams feel like they have a shot at the playoffs. This means there are going to be less sellers at the deadline each year. Teams are going have to start overpaying for rentals that can turn a contender into a championship team instantaneously. The Mets are not one or two players away from being a World Series caliber team. They shouldn’t overpay for a shortstop or left fielder this year and trade pieces that could help in the near future. I don’t believe they should sell either. It sends the wrong message to fans. Plus, what kind of prospect are they realistically going to get for a struggling 41 year old pitcher? They could use Colon’s innings this year. And hey, they are only one good week away from being in playoff contention.

Jared – In a perfect world, the Mets would trade Bartolo Colon to a team in need of starting pitchers, and get promising prospects in return. (Which would be similar to the way Alderson traded Marlon Byrd last year). This would be the only trade I would make. Chances are it won’t even happen since Sandy has let it be known that the Mets are content with keeping Colon this year and even next year. With the Mets’ 9 potential starting pitchers next season (if you need a reminder that’s Harvey, Wheeler, Colon, Gee, Niese, deGrom, Syndergaard, Montero, and Hefner) a trade involving at least one of them is not a matter of if but when. The big question is whether it will be a major trade (like Syndergaard, Montero and others for a Tulowitzki-type player) or a more subtle one which would involve our second tier of pitchers such as Colon and Hefner.

Lisa – Daniel Murphy is off the table. As is anyone else in the Mets infield, outfield, pitching staff or bench. And I will tell you why. This bunch is finally, FINALLY starting to play like a team. The towel waving. The laughing. The having fun. Unless an offer comes along that abso-freakin’-lutely blows us away, these guys gotta stick together. They still root for each other whether they are losing 9-1 or up 7-0. They are ready to go to war together. You simply cannot break this dynamic up just for the sake of making a trade. I wrote a post earlier this season saying that this was “The Year Before the Year.” These guys have bonded and they are in a groove. Let them finish out the season together and then let’s see where we are. Honestly, I think we are going to be pleasantly surprised. I know I already am.

Thomas – The Mets find themselves in a different position this year as the trade deadline approaches. As with years past, they are on the outside looking in as far as a realistic chance to make the postseason. The difference this year is that the Mets no longer need to trade away talent to stock prospects. With pitching as their strength, any trade the Mets make needs to focus on upgrading the offense. The Mets need to steer clear of any trade involving Troy Tulowitzki. Not only will we have to trade away a ton of talent to get him, we also have to pay his enormous contract, deal with his injuries, and accept that he is not close to the hitter he is away from Coors Field. In addition, landing Tulo means the Mets will not be able to make any other significant moves. I would prefer trading for Starlin Castro or a similar player, who is young and will cost a lot less to acquire. Then lets go out and either trade for a power hitting left fielder or look to sign the Cuban defector Rusney Castillo who seems major league ready. The Mets should also try to lock up Murphy to a reasonable 4 year extension as he is their best hitter and has proven he can handle second base. The Mets are 2 good hitters away from being a playoff caliber team and any moves need to address that. In the end, I see the Mets mostly likely standing pat until the off season.

Matt – Contrary to many Mets fans that just want to see any kind of movement, I would be perfectly fine with standing pat at this time. They have a good nucleus of players that are on the doorstep of the Major Leagues. If a contender was willing to overpay for Bartolo Colon, I would listen to the offers. Sure, the Mets need his innings but Dice-K can step back into the rotation when he gets healthy and there is always Montero to eat innings as well. Montero missed so much time that he could probably finish out the year once “SynderGrom” is shut down. I would lock up Daniel Murphy for four or five years. He is an All Star for a reason and not just because the Mets needed to have representation. He is not looking to break the bank, he just wants a commitment from the team that he has a place to play for the next few years. He has earned that, and the nice raise that would come with it. Chris Young on the other hand needs to be cast aside. Bring back Kirk or den Dekker who have shown more in less time than CY has shown. The better moves, via trade or free agency, are to be made in the offseason. Finish strong with what you have, minus Colon if necessary, and go hard after it for 2015. With Harvey, Wheeler, Niese, Gee and deGrom (Syndergaard, Montero), this team is a big bat or two away from doing some real damage. Now, with that kind of pitching depth, I would package a pitcher or two plus whatever else was needed if it meant getting Giancarlo Stanton but I don’t see the Marlins making him available just yet.

Robyn – While I, along with many other Mets fans, want to see some sort of movement from Sandy to put us in the position to be a serious contender in 2015, as management has been boasting for what feels like forever, the rational part of me knows that now is probably not the best time to try to acquire the pieces we need. We’ve been cultivating and building up our starting rotation for years now and trading away what we’ve built would be shooting ourselves in the foot. The Mets have no luck but bad luck when it comes to injuries and trading away pitchers, especially midway through the season when teams are going to be asking for way more than a player is worth because some teams that are on the brink of possibly making it to the postseason are desperate. On top of that, like Lisa said, our team is finally, finally!, playing like a team. Things are starting to come together. We need a good shortstop and a couple good bats, sure, but I think we have a better chance of getting good, worthwhile talent in the off-season rather than here at the trade deadline. All we need is for Sandy to step it up this winter and actually spend to get us what we need. No more prospects, we need players ready to be on the field because they’re not winning us games by playing in AAA and below. Let the team play out the rest of the season as we are, unless we can get something really, really good for Colon. Keep Murph, keep our pitching, and see what we can do to make next year the year we’ve been promised. IMG_5366

Chris – After an 11-2 trashing that gave the New York Mets a home series (and divisional series) win against their rival Philadelphia Phillies, the Mets inch closer to the .500 mark with still 1/3 of the season remaining. At 52-56, the Mets are still very much in the thick of things and are one bat away from contention. As long as Duda continues hitting for power, Murphy continues hitting period, d’Arnaud continues his turn around and Wright breaks out of his slump, this team only needs one more hitter. They’ve had a good, at times great, starting rotation. Since June 30, Jacob deGrom (1.29) and Zack Wheeler (1.63) have had top 5 ERAs in all of baseball. They’ve had a good, at times great, bullpen especially with set up man Jeruys Familia and closer Jenrry Mejia. The Mets should trade for a left fielder. Beat case scenario would be a guy like Alex Rios. If he’s too steep of a price for a two month rental type player, look into Matt Kemp. If that is still too steep, Andre Ethier would cost little and any three options are better than the current black hole of production we have had from LF all season. As far as Bartolo Colon, who has been in the center of many trade rumors regarding the Mets, he is at the very least an August waiver wire candidate. I don’t see the front office trading him away unless a desperate team offers a last minute Hail Mary type trade for a starter. I am completely indifferent towards Colon being traded. It is a winning situation either way as he has become well worth the investment but could net the Mets some good pieces.  The Mets need to show this fan base they aren’t asleep at the wheel. Sandy has said all along that he believes in this team and likes the way the roster is put together. He has publicly acknowledged the holes and room for improvement. Now, at 52-56 and 6 games back from the second wild card spot, now is the time to build for the remaining third of this season towards an all around successful 2015 season.

These are our writer’s opinions, let us know yours!

5 thoughts on “Need help Sandy? NY Mets Life knows what to do at the trade deadline

  1. I agree, do what you have to do at the winter meetings. Leave Murphy alone, remember what happened with Jeff Kent move. As for our SS he’s only 22 or 23 play him every day, some players a real slow to develop. We need a bat in left field CY was a big mistake…..give more time to crawford

  2. Here’s the difference between mets fans and Yankees fans. We are four games below 500 and think we are a player away from the playoffs. The yanks are four games above and they have serious issues. We cannot get tulo. Go for Castro- serious upgrade over tejeda. Go for Stanton or kemp- serious upgrade over young. Let syndegard go- his era is over 5 and Harvey, wheeler, an deform are all much better. That only leaves two spots for five current guys to fight for. Maybe trade nurse or gee. Let’s win now, not in five years.

  3. The Mets have two players that they can trade right now for different reasons. Colon is 41 and is owed 11 million for next year.He could be traded to a team in contention for a position player that they could use or a minor league player who is about ready. They could trade Murphy to get the power hitting outfielder that they need from a team that has a surplus of outfielders but needs a second basemen.

  4. Craig states the Mets are not one or two players away from being a contender. I would ask where you think the Mets would be today had they picked up Nelson Cruz instead of Chris Young. In my opinion they would be at least 7 games better than they are now, and vying for a division crown.don’t forget they tried to close games with Farnsworth and Valverde the first month, which cost them several games too..

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