What should the New York Mets do at the trade deadline?

The trade deadline is quickly approaching, and everyone is asking the same question. What should the New York Mets do? Question MarksShould they be buyers, sellers, or stand pat. The Mets are currently 45-50 and trail the division leading Washington Nationals and Atlanta Braves by 7 games and are also 7 games back of the wildcard. The front office has to decide if they think the Mets can compete this year with the team they have now. If the team adds a piece or two, would that help, or is it time to look and say this team isn’t ready to compete and try to get young talent for next year.

It will be clear what the front office and General Manager Sandy Alderson thinks of the team by July 31. If Alderson and crew think they can compete with the team they have now, they will keep the roster as it is. They will hope that the team’s hot finish to the All-Star break will continue into the second half. The Mets have won 8 of 10 and are rolling on all cylinders. Their lineup has come to life, their starting pitching has been great all season, and the bullpen has become a strength as of late. Could they keep this up throughout the second half of the season and make a playoff push with this team?

The next option is going to get pieces for this year to make a run. If they did this, Sandy would look to upgrade the shortstop and left field positions. The Mets don’t lack the prospects to go get a couple bats at the deadline. But will Sandy give up young assets for a team that is currently 5 games under .500?

The third option, and probably what the fans would not agree with the most, is being sellers. The Mets have unloaded their veterans at the trade deadlines the past few years. They have gotten some nice prospects by doing so. The Mets could look to trade 41 year old pitcher Bartolo Colon and their only all star Daniel Murphy. Trading Colon wouldn’t bring back the best prospect as a team wouldn’t give up a young asset for an aging pitcher, but it would open up some payroll to be used on next years free agent class. The Mets signed Colon to a two year, $20 million dollar contract in the offseason, and have a pretty packed rotation going into 2015. By trading him this year they will be off the hook for the $10 million they owe him next year. Trading Murphy is a different story. This team needs Murphy’s bat to compete. By trading him, the Mets will get a nice prospect. But is that what Mets fans want? Murphy has shown over the last couple of years that he is the most consistent bat in the lineup. He plays hard day in and day out. By trading Murphy and Colon, the Mets will be conceding that they will not be making the playoffs for an 8th straight year.

Alright Mets fans, what are you looking for the front office to do?

2 thoughts on “What should the New York Mets do at the trade deadline?

  1. Provided, the club does not intend to buy, I would trade Colon for the payroll flexibility and the hope that they could get a decent prospect in return. Dice-K can return to the rotation or Montero/Syndergaard could take Colon’s spot if healthy/ready. I would not trade Murphy for anything (short of Tulo or Stanton). He has proven he is a big league hitter. Sign him to an extension, pay him what he deserves as an All Star. He doesn’t need to be the highest paid anything. Give him a fair wage, give him the stability of having a multi-year deal and he signs without question. With the excess outfielders, I would have little issue making one of them available as well if a contender needs a bat or glove. I do not trade for trade’s sake but if unloading a player or two can make this team better for next year, I consider it.

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