A tribute to New York Mets fans and The 7 Line

If you are a fan of the New York Mets, you know it has been tough for the last several years. The Mets have not had a winning seasons since 2008, a playoff appearance since 2006, and haven’t felt the atmosphere of a World Series since 2000.

Although the Mets have not been playing well, there is one thing for sure – the Mets have dedicated and loyal fans. Being engrossed in the world of Twitter you see the vast excitement after a win, and the utter distraught after a loss. A roller coaster ride of emotions that follows the tune of the Mets’ season. Although Mets fans may not always agree, they all want the same thing – to win.

It is great to see the fans staying true to the orange and blue. If you are reading this, you are probably one of those individuals who watch 7 games a week, and would give up just about anything to see the Mets win another World Series. But Mets fans have taken the term “die-hard” to a new level.

The 7 Line is a Mets clothing brand created by Darren Meenan back in September 2009. Starting off as just an idea to make a funny t-shirt, Meenan has built a flourishing company, which now has a stand at Citi Field. Along with the brand, The 7 Line hosts outings, where Mets fans travel to stadiums across the country to support the team.

photoI was at the game on June 21st, when the Mets took on the Miami Marlins. The section I was in was right next to “The 7 Line Army” as they have coined themselves. It was truly amazing to see the dedication and joy among these fans. The 7 Line Army totally took over Marlins Park. These fans were standing and cheering for basically the whole game, recognizing and applauding the big plays in the game. It was a tremendous experience to sit next to them, and the players’ appreciated it as well, as they were constantly signaling towards The 7 Line Army’s section, and tossing balls over after the final out.

Meenan has done an incredible job rallying a fan base that is starving for a winning team. It is phenomenal to see the support and dedication that Mets fans have. Seeing The 7 Line Army on TV (for example at Yankee Stadium) is one thing, but being apart of it is another. Imagine Citi Field, full of fans with this type of emotion.

It has been a long wait… but it is coming. When the Mets begin to really compete again, there is going to be no place like home, simply because there are no fans like Mets fans. We have been through so many ups and downs, and only fellow fans can attest to this. Although at times it may be tough, I am honored to call myself a Mets fan, and if you are reading this, I know you are too. Soon enough, it will be worth it. Ya Gotta Believe!

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