Why can’t the Mets win at Citi Field?

opening-dayIn 2009, the long awaited Citi Field became the new home of the New York Mets. With the vast improvements over beloved Shea Stadium, Mets fans now had a stadium they could be proud to come to each game. Citi Field boasts many more clubs and restaurants, a much improved menu of food items, and various kid oriented games and attractions beyond the center field wall. The off field amenities were finally up to par with other new stadiums and the Mets were ready to embrace their new surroundings…or were they?

Sandy Alderson is entering his 4th year as general manager and since he took over in 2011, the Mets have never had a winning record at home. Each year their record away from Citi Field has been better than at home. In fact, in 2011 and 2013 the Mets actually had a WINNING record away from Citi Field. Winning at Citi Field has become a bit of a mystery for the Mets and no one seems to know exactly why the team continues to struggle at home.

Granted the team has been poorly put together the last several years and anyone who watches the Mets on a regular basis can clearly see that ownership has short changed us and put a product on the field with no real chance to compete. However, that is not the issue. The issue is why does this team perform better away from Citi Field? Why do other teams come in here, tired from being on the road and living out of a suitcase, and promptly beat the Mets as if they were the home team?

Some blame it on the dimensions of the field so management moved the fences in a bit. Sure the field plays like a pitchers park but if you hit it right, there is no problem with hitting the ball out of the Citi Field. Just ask our opponents. Even more disturbing is that since the fences have been moved in, the Mets have actually played worse at Citi Field!

Others have reasoned that the pressure of playing at home bothers the players but that is ridiculous. These guys are professionals and playing in friendly and familiar surroundings can only be a positive. For the most part, Mets fans have been supportive of the team and if you hustle and play hard, the fans will cheer. The fans are upset with management for reasons we all know too well but by and large have supported the players on the field with few exceptions.

So what can it be? Yes we all know the Mets have not had the best teams the last few years but there is no reason they should play better on the road year after year and struggle at home.

Whatever the reason is, the Mets are going to have to figure it out quickly if they are going to win 90 games (yea ok) this year.

Let us know what you think. Why does this team play competitive and even winning baseball on the road, while continuously coming up short at home?

15 thoughts on “Why can’t the Mets win at Citi Field?

  1. Have you noticed that any players we trade do better and the players we acquire go into slumps. I think it’s the coaching and/or management philosophies!!!

  2. It doesn’t feel like a home field. It has a corporate feel. Why Citifield as a name – because Citi Bank dumped money for naming rights? Why Jackie Robinson Rotunda? He wasn’t a Met player. Why a Ebbets Field lookalike? Make it a Mets Home by naming it after a Met, make it Tom Seaver Rotunda, name the foul poles after Met favorites – make it . . . Home.

  3. Its not home because of obvious reasons of so many ties with the dodgers. I have repeatedly wrote to the Mets that they need to amp up the mets around the ball park. But that doesn’t change the performance of the team. I don’t believe in curses and stuff like that but this is really getting ridick. Whats going on with grandy why can the Mets be consistent. its mind boggling. they can make the stadium super mets out but it wont change the players performance. I would fire all coaches and start over start fresh. we as mets fans have a problem. we had a team that was decent but they didn’t win it all so we fired coaches and managers. instead we got worse. things were better under minaya and Randolph and even Peterson. I take those years over the past 5 any day. yeah im excited about our pitching but that’s it. we need hitters pure hitters that hit and will hit. not players we hope will hit. or hoping they will shape up to hit. Many make fun of the los mets era but that was the best years we had since 99-2000. We need another pizza, Delgado, beltran, olerud. if were not spending money then we need to pray that our players develop like we want them to. sadly they do that after leaving the organization. It sucks being a mets fan but this is my team forever. LETS GO METS!

  4. Another important issue that has to be addressed . The bottom line is you have to spend the money to put the proper players on the field! I think the article is best stated with the five words: ” ownership has short changed us!”

  5. Need to swap sponsors with the football stadium. Personally I call the place 2-Shea and still think it should be Shea Stadium, but it was built to be a Didgers shrine not a Mets shrine

  6. Take a close look at which teams consistently have shown winning records at Citi over the years and then see how those teams were built. Maybe the Mets aren’t built the right way for play at this park? Another thought…..I found the stadium somewhat “close” and inhibiting when I was there, with too much distraction all around. Perhaps this becomes more pronounced with the team that has to play half it’s games there and it leads to defeats. How many close losses at home vs. on the road, etc. I don’t have those stats but those two suggestions may be where the answer lies.

  7. Start with a statistical analysis of each player. If David Wright bats 50 points higher on the road than at home –I have no idea what the spread may be– then trade him. Get players who enjoy playing and living in NYC. Give players bonuses for learning to speak Spanish, Chinese, Yiddish… The Yankees get new players every year and they usually do well. We get Jason Bay. We also got Piazza Keith Hernandez & Gary Carter, who were great; maybe there was better advance work, back then. The Mets also let go of Reyes and Dickey, who did not seem spooked by NYC.

    After this many years, we have a valid statistical sample; it’s probably not a coincidence.

    –Paul J. Bosco

  8. Baseball is no doubt a statistical game. In the course of a year true averages will show their true colors. With this in mind the fact that the mets play better on the road during their several year Citi Field tenure remains in a way a mystery since most teams in most seasons have better home records. There is obviously a reason or reasons for this anomaly. In fact when you look at it, it is surely weird!! No one that I am aware of has pinpointed it. Could there be a specific “New York overconfidence factor” ( expected to win ) that overwhelms the Mets when they reenter Citi field after a winning road trip where they fought so hard to successfully beat some good teams ? Could there be an overwhelming cyclic factor where once you win a bunch of games on the road you are due statistically to lose more of the next few in the upcoming series at home. In any event the mystery remains. Hopefully this will change very soon.

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