Early thoughts on the New York Mets

The New York Mets have started the 2014 season with a record of 5-7. Their record could be worse after getting swept by the Washington Nationals in their first series. They went on to win their next two series 2-1 vs the Cincinnati Reds and Atlanta Braves. The Mets dropped their next series after a brutal 14-2 loss Sunday vs the Los Angeles Angels. Here are some early thoughts on how the season is going…

photo   © 2013   Doug Kerr , Flickr

photo © 2013 Doug Kerr , Flickr

  • The middle of the order needs to start hitting. Daniel Murphy, David Wright, and Curtis Granderson are hitting a combined .215 with 2 home runs and 11 RBI’s. These are the Mets big bats that need to step up.
  • The starting pitching has been average at best. There have been some good starts, some average starts, and some bad starts. For the Mets to compete all year, their starting pitching has to be the strength of the team.
  • The first base situation is a mess. A team can’t use three guys at one position and expect each guy to be sharp. Terry Collins said Lucas Duda is his first basemen, but he hasn’t played consistently enough to back that up. At this point, Terry needs to go with one guy for 5 or 6 games a week and see how it goes. He can’t effectively evaluate the position if they keep playing every other day.
  • The bullpen has been hit or miss. They started the season off terrible, and then went 20 straight innings with no runs allowed. Kyle Farnsworth has been the biggest surprise in the bullpen. He has pitched great when given the opportunity. Jose Valverde has converted on 2 out of 3 save situations. By the end of the year, I believe the bullpen will be one of the strengths of the team.
  • If Sandy Alderson hasn’t signed Stephen Drew by now, chances are he won’t any time soon. Ruben Tejada is hitting .194 and starting every day. It doesn’t seem like a change is coming even though one would be welcomed by all Mets fans.
  • Things will be interesting once Chris Young get back. There is no way Collins will take Juan Lagares out of the starting lineup, nor should he. He has been their most consistent hitter while playing lights out defense in center field. Eric Young Jr. has his OBP over .300 and is making things happen at the top of the lineup. What happens when Chris Young gets back? Only time will tell.
  • Even with the 5-7 record, I am encouraged by the start of the season. The Mets have played 4 good teams to start the year. Their starting pitching hasn’t lived up to the hype, and their proven hitters haven’t hit yet. I know its early, but their pitching will get better, and their best hitters will start to hit. I expect this team to be playing meaningful games in September.

2 thoughts on “Early thoughts on the New York Mets

  1. The Drew lovers never mention his ridiculous “opt-out” clause. Screw Drew. Maybe keeping Marlon Byrd would have been better than Grandy, who is hitting like a high school girl. The 1st Angels game was worse, which they should have won. Recker might be better behind the plate than TDA – maybe he’ll come around. I say dump Ike – he shows no improvement over last year – did he do anything all winter to work on his game? Duda 4 hits last night. Tejada playing decent defense.

  2. When Chris Young gets back friday the manager (?) needs to sit Granderson, especially against left-handers. He is another american league outfielder (remember the guy from Boston) who has screwed the Met’s front office. I also agree with sitting TDA and playing Recker. Maybe we will not have so many so called wild pitchers.

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