Why 2014 is such a crucial year for the New York Mets

Okay, enough already. We’ve been hearing about 2014 for way too long now. It is supposed to be the year the New York Mets turn the corner. Whether or not the Mets will improve upon their win-loss record remains to be seen, but 2014 is a crucial year for the Mets, and here’s why:

General Manager Sandy Alderson and his team of baseball executives have done a phenomenal job reworking the farm system, despite criticisms they have received over the past several years. The young talent that Alderson has acquired is now ready to burst onto the major league scene.

Zack Wheeler has a half of season of major league experience under his belt; but will his second year be a step forward? Will Noah Syndergaard come up, follow in Matt Harvey and Wheeler’s footsteps and have a productive half in the majors? Can Travis d’Arnaud live up to his hype and be a productive major league catcher?

photo   © 2010   slgckgc , Flickr

photo © 2010 slgckgc , Flickr

Is Jenrry Mejia finally going to stay healthy? If so, can he produce in the major leagues? What is Rafael Montero’s future; is he a starter or a reliever? Will Bartolo Colon stay healthy, and can he surprise people and repeat his 2013-year with the Oakland Athletics? Can Curtis Granderson rebound from an injury ridden 2013? Can Ike Davis or Lucas Duda be a successful major league first baseman?

The list goes on, but this is the year these questions must be answered. The Mets can no longer wait and wait. Decisions must be made to move this organization forward. We will find out answers to many of these questions this year, and it will have a huge impact on the franchise going forward. If Wheeler has a successful 2014, and Syndergaard can be productive, you could be looking at one of the most dominant rotations in the majors for 2015. However, think about this… what if Wheeler gets hurt, struggles, or Syndergaard can’t adjust to major league hitters? Then what happens – it will leave the organization with that many more question marks leading into 2015.

For so many reasons this season is more important than the number in the wins column. It impacts the Mets for years to come, and will give Alderson an idea of what changes need to be made for the future. The questions surrounding the Mets can only linger for so long. This is the year the Mets must get answers, and then Alderson and his team must adjust and make moves for the future accordingly.

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