All we are saying, is give Wilmer Flores a chance…

photo   © 2013   slgckgc , Flickr

photo © 2013 slgckgc , Flickr

The New York Mets are at a crossroads. For years we have heard about Wilmer Flores and his movement through the farm system. We have watched his various position changes just so the Mets could find a place for this “pure hitter” to play. Flores has played shortstop, second, third in big leagues, and then first base. Yet, every time you read an article, Flores’ name rarely surfaces as a candidate for any position. My question is WHY?

It is known that Wilmer Flores has had some injuries in his background. But the young man hits. In 2012, he hit .300, 30 doubles and 18 HR. Last season, before the call up to the bigs, he hit .321 36 doubles and 15 HR. Even though his numbers aren’t glaring in the games he played with the Mets, I admire he played through pain in his ankles. He didn’t make excuses, and had 10 RBI in his first 10 games. Even his recent Venezuelan winter league numbers are impressive: .375 average with 33 hits in 23 games.

Besides David Wright at third, who is blocking him from playing? Where is the offensive whiz holding him back? Find a spot for him and let him sink or swing this entire preseason and see what we have. It is interesting that Met manager Terry Collins is hinting some time at short stop for Flores and that Flores was one of a group to work out under team supervision this off season.

The most frustrating thing here is it seems obvious the Mets are not happy with their SS and first base positions. Every rumor has them trading Ike Davis, Lucas Duda, signing another short stop, possibly trading Daniel Murphy or letting him play first. It is time to be proactive – the “NON TRADE” of Davis has created a really uncomfortable situation as well as the team’s “settling” with Ruben Tejada. All I ask is that we make sure Wilmer Flores gets a chance to prove what he can do because all of the names listed above got their chance, and quite frankly besides Murphy, they have used almost all of their “9 Lives.”

But as I write this, I just read an article where Terry Collins says he sees Flores in AAA to start the year so “he can get regular at bats.”  I didn’t know the likes of Josh Satin, Zack Lutz, Ruben Tejada, and Lucas Duda were offensive “shoe ins”… Once again, GIVE WILMER FLORES A CHANCE…

One thought on “All we are saying, is give Wilmer Flores a chance…

  1. I’m all for giving Flores a chance–I’ve been following him since he was a teenager & signed with the Mets. But don’t be surprised if Tejada gives him a run for his money. I have a feeling Ruben’s going to have a good season. At any rate, a little competition is great for the players–let them earn the position. It shouldn’t come too easy. May the best man win!

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